Piano lessons for children

Several recent studies have shown that children who learn piano show increased intelligence and higher concentration. Music is a social activity that, in the process of learning and games, in children, opens the door for new friendships that your children will find during their lifetime. The ability to self-reproduce through music is increasingly developing with increasing, and the piano will help develop social skills of your child and easier overcome the difficult teenage period.

Piano lessons for adults

It's never too late to learn to play a piano. Come and feel the magic of every note of this beautiful instrument. A large number of participants in our Allegro music workshop in Belgrade are those who want to sit down for the piano again, as they have learned to play as children, but their circumstances have forced them to give up at some point. Our unique system will very fast give you back the previously acquired knowledge, open your soul, and u will wonder why did you not return earlier your first love, to the piano.

ABRSM exams

Examinations are intended for all ages and levels of candidate's knowledge. Accredited in the UK, by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, ABRSM exams  also have formal significance in many other countries . Unlike standard music education systems, which is specific for each country in particular, ABRSM certificates and diplomas are identical in terms of levels, layout systems and criteria in all countries of the world.

Personalized piano lessons

We offer you innovative and personalized piano lessons with an emphasis on building basic musical skills, while at the same time inspiring students to express their creativity and musical expression. Contact us and get all the information you need about piano lessons for children, teenagers and adults or watch our blog and read popular and useful posts.

Individual work with participants

Free trial lesson

Rapid progression of the participants in achieving top results

Allegro - Music Workshop

Piano is an instrument that everyone likes to play and listen, from small children to the eldest. In addition to providing excellent entertainment through learning, the piano also helps to develop coordination, proper posture, development and enjoyment of music. The piano is the perfect instrument for starting musical education both in adults and children, even if you have never played any instrument before.

Why piano classes in the Allegro music center?

Piano lessons will help your child to fine-tune the ear for music and improve the skills needed for education and social interaction.

Better holding

Although sitting, your child, playing the piano, develops and corrects his body during the most critical years of growing up in which he needs to develop properly.

Better academic skills

Music and mathematics are very intertwined. With the understanding of tact, rhythm and scale, children learn how to split and create fractions, as well as recognize patterns.

Better physical skills

Instruments, such as piano, help children develop coordination and motor skills because they require synchronized movements of fingers, hands, and feet.


Group classes for the youngest require peer interaction and communication, which encourages teamwork, as children have to work together to create a crescendo or accent.

Better self-discipline

Learning to play a piano helps kids learn what self-discipline is, because the piano can not be immediately overwhelmed. It takes time and effort to get the right results.

Increases self-esteem

Piano lessons are excellent because they allow everyone, and especially the youngest, to learn to accept and give constructive criticism.

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