Piano lessons for adults

From black and white keys to a variety of colors and tones of music, express yourself through the sounds of the piano.

Remember - it's never too late to start learning to play a piano!

Choosing a piano professor is an important decision for grown-ups who have already built personalities and represents the difference between developing talent and good self-expression through music or giving up it through frustration and permanent disagreement with music.

Learn to play on piano music from your favorite movie or a song that always makes you cheerful. The adult piano lessons give you an unbelievable opportunity to with the help of music get rid of aggressive stress.


Piano lessons for adults

Adult piano lessons lead you through a detailed study of this instrument and learning the classical repertoire or repertoire of your choice, even if you're a beginner without previous touch with music. If you've played piano before, we will encourage you to join us and soon get to a more advanced level of learning.

At Allegro Music Center, adult piano lessons are conducted one-on-one. In this way, we give you more attention, faster pace of learning and more flexible hours of maintenance.

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Music returns you on the right way

Learn (or restore) reading notes, improvisation that follows the melodies of classical and popular compositions. Build your style and skills on black and white racing through reading notes, playing through the hearing and improvisation. In addition, hang out with music with other people, who, like you, decided it's the right time to feel the music inside of you.

Piano lessons for adults - Harmony of the body

It is known that the vibrations and sound of the piano bring harmony into the body. The piano returns you energy, strength and inspiration. He has the power to awaken the most empathetic emotions in you. It's unusual how a single melody you play on your piano on your own can bring back life's joy and smile to your face.

Music fortifies the mind, raises the spirit and improves social life, which is essential for the development of children and adolescents, as well as for raising self-esteem in adults.

The piano is an incredible instrument in which notes enjoy people of all ages. If you are looking for a dedicated piano professor who will transfer your knowledge and love for piano and music - you are in the right place!

Adult piano lessons are there to help you start your socializing with this magical instrument. If :

- You want to learn to play your favorite songs on the piano
- You want to learn to play the piano as a hobby
- You want to learn to play the piano together with your children
- The piano play is one of your further life goals
- Learn to play the piano love song for your wedding
- Simply love the sounds of the piano

Music workshop Allegro will fulfill all your wishes.

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