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ABRSM exams are designed for candidates of all ages and levels of knowledge. The Liaison and Curriculum Commission has accredited these exams in the United Kingdom, and they have formal relevance in a large number of other countries.

The Royal Music Schools Association (ABRSM) is the world's leading music education organization. Each year, more than 630000 candidates take tests of ABRSM in over 90 countries. Founded in 1889, over 100 years ago, this Association provides teachers, students, parents, and adults the standard in the field of music exams, with an international license. At the core of the Association's work lies the full commitment to music education. The Association is privileged to represent four Royal Music Academy: Royal Academy of Music (London), Royal College of Music (London), Royal Northern Music College (Royal College of Music), Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (Manchester and Glasgow).

Exams are intended for candidates of all ages and levels of knowledge. Accredited in the UK, by the Liaison Commission and Curricula, these exams also have formal significance in a large number of other countries. Unlike the standardized country-specific music education system that are specific for every country, ABRSM certificates and diplomas are identical in terms of levels, layout systems and criteria in all countries of the world.

The ABRSM system includes exam programs (so-called syllabuses) for more than 35 instruments and disciplines. Silabus creates a team of international experts and is reviewed every year and modernized, reflecting all contemporary trends in music pedagogy.

After each passing exam, the ABRSM certificate is obtained which, in addition to the assessment, contains the examiner's comments, with universal value and connotations around the world.

EXAMPLES are placed at the following levels:

8 basic levels (Grades), which correspond to the level of our primary and secondary music school
3 graduate levels (Diplomas), which correspond to the level of our faculties. The offered directions are: Performing, Teaching and Directing.

All candidates at their disposal prestigious ABRSM awards and scholarships (eg "Hedy King Robinson" prize and royal academy scholarship, which includes free tuition, £ 3,000 and covered travel and stay costs). Acquisition of certificates and diplomas of this highly respected institution provides an important opportunity for young musicians to gain recognition for their abilities beyond the borders of our country.

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